People associate a professionally designed logo with experience, legitimacy, and trust. Your logo should be both visually appealing, while also reflective of the attitude and/or purpose of your business. Designing a symbol that summarizes these traits into one is certainly challenging, but I love it. Call me crazy! When creating a visual brand for your company, start with your logo, it is important…it is your identity! Once your logo is finalized, I have found that all the other visual materials for your business tend to fall into place.


Remember how I said that once your logo is designed all other visual materials for your business tend to fall into place? A business card is the perfect example of this. Using your current (or brand new!) branding/identity as a guide, I can design a card that helps you make the perfect professional first impression. A business card is often a great next step after your logo design, and is a big contributor in the development of a cohesive and marketable identity for your business.


Feature your company’s brand on the stationary products you utilize for your business every day. Letterhead, envelopes, invoices, you name it. Multiple personalized stationary products can be designed to fit your branding and give you a professional polish.


Many social media platforms do not allow for many aesthetic customizations. Luckily, several social media platforms do have the option for a customized cover or banner picture. A unique cover image sets you apart from the crowd, gives you a more recognizable online presence, and contributes to your business’s comprehensive visual identity.



For years, my full-time job involved designing lots of print and web ads. Needless to say, I have seen my fair share of each. Fortunately for you, both of them can be customized for your needs in a variety of sizes and designs. Do you want to highlight a product, company or service? Let me create an ad that will give your business the spotlight it deserves, in the format that is best for you!


Who can resist a beautiful, glossy brochure? I know I can’t. Brochures are great for providing lots of good information in one compact and organized place. We can list services you offer, explain policies, show before-and-after pictures…you name it!


Flyers! We’ve all seen ’em, right? Well let me just say they are not all created equally. What differentiates one from another is that some flyers are organized and well-designed, making them efficient and effective. The other kind of flyer is one that is not organized and well-designed, as you may have guessed. A flyer is more likely to be ignored if it’s cluttered and hard to read, which is the opposite of what you want! I actually really hate clutter, so let me make a tidy flyer for you!


Who doesn’t love getting a postcard in the mail? Whether they are for personal use – travel, birth announcements, engagement, family reunions, etc., or professional – often called “direct mail” for advertising and marketing, they can be designed in a variety of styles and sizes. Whatever the reason you need a postcard, we can work together to create one to fit your needs.


A rack card is a lot like a postcard and flyer combined. They are usually two-sided and printed on a sturdy paper, but they contain more information (as a flyer might have) than a typical postcard and are not meant to be mailed. These handy marketing pieces are meant to grab attention and invite the viewer to take a closer look, so we have the opportunity to work with some nice photography and bold colors for a project like this!


Does your restaurant menu need a revamp? Perhaps your business has a number of services that you would like to outline with price points? Whatever your need, we can work together to design the perfect menu to fit the bill!



If you’re like me, you hold your little (or big) animal friends very close to your heart. A beautiful way to capture your handsome buddy is with a custom digital portrait. I use a special computer tablet to paint and create a digital image (that can be yours to keep for an extra fee). I then have the image professionally printed on quality archival canvas with archival ink for long-lasting enjoyment. And because it’s a digital image, if you’re so inclined (and trendy), we can have the portrait printed on a t-shirt, coffee mug, phone case, and more.


As with our animal friends, we all have special people in our lives too. I use a special computer tablet to paint a digital image (that can be yours to keep for an extra fee). I then have the image professionally printed on quality archival canvas with archival ink for long-lasting enjoyment. And because the portrait is digital, if you’re so inclined (and trendy), we can have it printed on a t-shirt, coffee mug, phone case, and more.



Doesn’t it make your day to get an invitation in the mail? Let’s make someone else’s day, together, by creating the perfect invitation for your upcoming event! There are so many styles and options to choose from, don’t wait too long. Let’s get started!


E-vites are the modern and economical answer to print invitations. They often receive RSVPs more reliably too, because you can send out a link for digital RSVPs! With e-vites your guests receive their invitation quickly and reliably, and there is no risk for your guests to lose their invitation or RSVP card. Win-win!


Don’t want to be stuck with too much leftover cake? I personally wouldn’t mind…but if you do, a save-the-date is the perfect solution. Let your guests know about your upcoming event with a beautiful save-the-date so they can clear their schedule and RSVP a big, fat “YES.”


A customized MadLib for your event is a great way for your guests to interact. I designed some for our wedding and a Christmas party we hosted – they were both a big hit! Guests turn in their completed MadLibs at the end of your event, and you get to keep them for many years of enjoyment. Ours still provide laughs, years later!


Announce your event, product, or business loud and clear! A fancy poster could be just the thing to get more people involved in what you care about. Posters can be created in a variety of sizes and styles. Let’s get the word out ASAP!



Websites – how did we ever live without them? And, whatever happened to Netscape Navigator? Anyway, I know that if I want to get information about a business (and judge if they seem legit or worth my time), I immediately search for the company’s website. Let me customize a website for you so your business has a virtual home for potential clients to find, while increasing your brand’s online presence! Basic web design includes 3 standard pages  (about/home, contact us, information, etc.).

*For additional charges, more pages and features can be added.


Do you simply need a single-page site? I can do that too. Just let me know how I can help!

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