Barrington Wedding

Client: Me 🙂
Designer: Amanda Barrington
Photographer: Brooke Kelly Photography (wedding images),
Amanda Barrington (studio images)
Category: Wedding, Invitation, Events

Notice something familiar? Yes, this is my wedding! I planned, designed, and decorated 95% of our wedding by myself, and I was honestly so pleased that the hard work paid off. I spent hours looking for vintage bottles, tablecloths, and various creative touches for our ceremony and reception. I then designed our invitations based on the simple-but-elegant, vintage look I had in mind. If you look closely at the kraft paper envelope, there is even a stamped return address made with a custom designed stamp, adding another special touch. And as mentioned in my MadLib description on the Services page, I also designed our own MadLib card for our guests to fill out. They were a hit! 

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