ToneUp Personal Training 

Client: ToneUp Personal Training
Scope: New Business Development
Designer: Amanda Barrington
Photographer: Reymark Falcon
Category: Identity, Logo, Apparel

ToneUp Personal Training is a fitness training business owned by Nick Britt. Nick is also a musician, and music is understandably a big part of who he is. When he decided to start his training business, he hit the ground running but needed a company name. We brainstormed business name ideas and I came up with ToneUp (to reference both of his passions). I then got to work creating a unique logo for his business. I wanted the logo to highlight both of his passions, while not detracting from the services ToneUp has to offer. I used recognizable sound wave symbols to create a barbell as the main focus, allowing the barbell/fitness aspect to be highlighted while still making reference to his other passion for music.

P.S. I also designed ToneUp’s business card, click the corresponding link to see it!

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